Keunggulan Kapal Fregat Type 31 Buatan Inggris yg Akan Dijual ke Indonesia

technology biggest agricultural industry from England become international In the middle of developing a new project to build sophisticated ships in the future they even intend to sell their units to several countries including Indonesia as we know currently Indonesia’s military strength sector, especially in the maritime sector, is still dominated by the patrol boat fleet As many as 179 units, it’s suitable for adding combat vehicles, what are the specifications for the British-made ip31 frigate that will be sold to Indonesia in the following show. But before continuing, make sure you have subscribed to this channel and wait for the bell to update interesting information from technology a popular sophisticated ship called the frigate so became a ship specializing in anti-submarine warfare and anti-aircraft specialization were Fed this ship was built to meet the needs of the British navy.

times advanced features Britain has conducted five direct campaigns to other countries Greece Indonesia and Poland are at the forefront of the five campaigns. Recently, the backup party has also signed a tripartite implementation memorandum with the Ukrainian and British governments. The ip31 frigate is present in the midst of intense competition between France, Italy and Korea The South, which is also aggressively introducing their military fleet to other countries, has been waiting for the results of this warship design by the local government since the announcement of the refresher of the national shipbuilding strategy in 2017 and the appointment of a backup for the ip31 frigate design is said to have passed a strict selection, the backup is said to have succeeded in eliminating the toughest opponent, namely by system afternoon in 2016, has won the tender to build eight units of VGA type 26 bpuk as the team leading this project has made a contract with the British Ministry of Defense in 2019 Prime Minister Boris J ohnson agreed to buy 5 warships for the British Navy with each ship costing �250 million or around 4.

3 trillion the five ip31 frigates were built in Rosyid Years portland, now the warship has just passed the critical design review stage and will be sent to the Royal Navy in 2025 while the Indonesian Navy, which is also very interested in this ship, has not yet had a deal with them, although it has shown its desire to import the future ship, soon the plan is that the new frigate uh will replace the Ahmad Yani class frigate which has entered old age for its own sake.

This type 31 was designed to take a design from a Danish origin and what is interesting is that the British navy was indeed captivated by a sincere design. The British Ministry of Defense has signed a procurement contract for five VGA type 31 units from a British shipping company, international backup. This frigate has several rat of about 5700 tons with a length of 138 comma 7 m and a width of 19.7 5 meters.

Vegas which is capable of a crew of around 80 to 100% has room for 40 special duty staff. Now for the weapon system, this ship is equipped with three bofors cannons, namely 240 mm and 157 mm which capable of firing rapidly and very substantially three type 31 ships are quite capable in low to medium intensity environments used in individual or small patrol missions suitable for operations in the bay and the Pacific to deal with medium range air attacks the ip31 frigate equipped with 24 missile cells hanes data capture SNS 110 types of Radar Eye multinationals band with 3D capabilities, besides that, the ip31 frigate will also carry a combined diesel diesel combined propulsion of four times 8.2 MW diesel enzyme so that it can carry itself to a maximum speed of 28 knots while its cruising range is 17000 km at an economical speed of 12 knots.

ip31 has the size of the helicopter which is quite large even in an emergency situation, helicopters of the ch-47 chinook class can be landed while the capacity of the studio can be loaded with two anti-submarine helicopters of the aw 59 wildcat class, so you need to know that ER technology is reported by the zone from defense news.

com. used frigates that have been refurbished, special Mistral class from Italy and several new bergamini class frigates from Italy, which certainly have the same advantages as the British type 31, if currently Indonesia only has seven Vegas and fixes bringing the Vega frigate earlier, it’s pretty good to add to our fleet to strengthen he will protect the marine territory of the Republic of Indonesia [Music] Hey, what’s your opinion on today’s discussion, write your opinion in the comments column Yes, thank you for watching tomorrow we’ll see you again don’t forget to click like and share this video babay thank

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