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Militer Indonesia Habiskan Anggaran Rp130,8 triliun

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Militer Indonesia Habiskan Anggaran Rp130,8 triliun-The military world is always exciting and interesting, not only about defense equipment and TNI troops, it turns out that there are many things that must be considered to call a country strong from a military perspective. So what are the indicators and must be met? Does your country have it? Indonesia fulfills all the Hokes this time So that you can see the current defense equipment and military power of Indonesia, the popular technology of a site that often displays the military power of countries in the world every day throughout the year is that Indonesia will be in 16th position out of 140 country powers. The index achieved is 0.2684 as a country with only more than 271 million inhabitants on January 21, 2012 according to the Indonesian Wikipedia page, of course, it must have various fleets. In three dimensions, it is not impossible for foreign countries to act on the wealth of natural resources owned by foreign countries.

Indonesia shows that protection is in dire need of protection from the air and land now that the fourth most populous Indonesian population in the world must indeed recruit the best sons and daughters to become part of the military personnel who maintain the territorial integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. p per active military personnel while reserve personnel are also 400 thousand personnel and paramilitary personnel are 280,000 personnel if we look at active personnel belonging to the world’s most populous state in all of Indonesia such as China, India and the United States they have far more than Indonesia which still has its Wikipedia page open until 24 June 2012 Now with a population of more than 14 billion people.

has two million 185,000 active soldiers India with a population of more than 1.3 billion people has 1462751 The country with 336 million population has 1,400,000 active soldiers Is this a sign that Indonesia should increase its active military personnel Okay next for the Indonesian Army has 22 tanks with various types, this is the row of tanks and the number of units owned by the Indonesian National Army (TNI) as quoted from the Wikipedia page TNI-AD Alutsista Land no for the top-of-the-line Komodo V6 and Hanoman tanks. the number of 332 units of tanks owned by Indonesia, Indonesian tanks have seen this fleet become the main defense equipment for land military forces on the front lines of war which are used together with armored vehicles, Kompas pedia reported that in 2020 Indonesia only had 133 tanks and now there are 332 additional units the amount for the tank itself is proof that Indonesia is not guilty of lending more money In order to increase its military strength, there are no Indonesian armored vehicles as many as 1430 units. In addition, there is a movement of 153 artillery cranes, 366 units and 63 project rockets. This is a rocket launch or multiple Launcher Rocket System owned by the Indonesian Army, we can see all Foreign rocket production units will play a role in attacking targets from a distance. The use of artillery and rocket projectors plays a major role in suppressing the enemy to minimize the possibility of future attacks. for this sector as a maritime country already Indonesia with various fleets to support mission troops in this sector.

But in fact Indonesia does not have an aircraft carrier and destroyers Indonesia only has 7 free ships got 24 fat submarines leaving only four warships and 10 mines The Indonesian marine sector unit apparently only relies on patrol boats with 179 units, it seems the number of each each defense system cannot be said to be able to strengthen the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, considering that the area must be guarded with a minimal naval fleet such as the destroyer fleet which is supposed to destroy this enemy ship. Unfortunately, what Indonesia does not have is that patrol boats, which have 179 units, must be deployed or mine ships of which only 10 units are Indonesians known to have islands with the number of marine defense equipment in the 10th position. in the world with 281 units and even second in ASEAN being in 8th position in the world with 200.92 naval units is still very important, adding to its fleet in Indonesia? Let’s move on to the air sector. fighter aircraft for air power is the main thing because it is used in ground attacks. fighter aircraft with a special mission will operate to attack targets on the ground, Indonesia is quite proud of 41 units of fighter aircraft owned by 38 military transfer units. special attack aircraft 64 units and special mission aircraft 17 question units are military helicopters can also help find up to 188 units as well as attack helicopters which although not many there are at least fifteen units now. Ownership of defense equipment in three dimensions is of course very much needed with the availability of military budget Global list of Indonesian transmitter firepower at 92 billion US Dollars or more than 138 trillion.

have you seen enough data? listed on kompaspedia from year to year 1988 until this year with all the efforts that have been made by Indonesia to continue to increase the budget to be able to multiply the defense equipment that deserves thumbs up from the next ranks of the TNI and military combat vehicles, let’s look at natural resources which are also indicators of assessment a country’s military strength and oil production is the biggest supporter of military power for natural resources oil used in military equipment and vehicles from CV page Indonesia’s oil production this year is 775,000 BPH with consumption of 63 million barrels per day while Indonesia’s oil reserves are more than 3.30 1 billion barrels Indonesia’s oil production occupies the 23rd position in the world and the highest in Southeast Asia, supporting the strength of a military country is a logistical problem here including the civilian ship workforce and labor infrastructure by the military 100 29340829 especially in the defense sector as in the case of the manufacture of bullets, bombs, uniforms, medical equipment, to special equipment that will support the war such as civilian ships that can be recruited at any time to support as long as 9879 units, this number makes Indonesia ranked first in the world with ships with the largest population and Indonesia’s infrastructure includes Highways along 430,000 759 KM position 14 in the world and number one in Southeast Asia The 5042 KM long railway line which can be used by 16 ports and 673 airports in this logistics sector provides a calculation of the country’s military strength that provides a way to prepare for attacks from land, sea and air, the last indicator of supporting military strength is geographic strength along with infographics about the territory of the Republic of Indonesia according to the JV page, the calculation of the land area of ​​the length of the Long Coast line, border areas and waterways in a country turned out to be very helpful in supporting this strength. to Indonesia’s military strength is certainly what Indonesia has at this time, we must thank yatekno lovers in the hope that Indonesia can continue to increase the strength that comes from various sectors.What’s your response, let’s share in the comments column.

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