Teens use pontoon to launch new ice cream business on a western Minnesota lake

Teens use pontoon to launch new ice cream business on a western Minnesota lake

Ice Cream Island proprietors Hallie Strem, Brooklyn Strem and Mya Haaven preserve their pontoon at Oak Cove Resort and Marine on Maple Lake. They power to places around the lake, drop an anchor and begin promoting ice cream.this yr launched a commercial enterprise on Maple Lake known as Ice Cream Island.

Teens use pontoon to launch new ice cream business on a western Minnesota lake

The three younger girls from Fertile, Minnesota, situated their enterprise due to the fact they have historically spent weekends from May till September at the lake with their households and didn’t choose that to trade when they had been ancient adequate to get summer time jobs.

”It was once tough to go away the lake on lovely days,” Hallie said.

When the Strems’ dad and mom got here again from a Florida holiday this previous wintry weather and informed them about a commercial enterprise that offered ice cream on a lake there, the Strem sisters and Haaven determined to to begin a comparable commercial enterprise on Maple Lake.

In January 2021, they started working on the start-up of Ice Cream Island.

“We offered a pontoon and we constant it up, and modified it completely,” Hallie said. The sisters and their cousin changed the flooring, eliminated seats to make room for a freezer and established a generator in the rear of the pontoon. They additionally wrapped the pontoon exterior with aluminum siding that has a giant decal with their commercial enterprise title on it.

Besides bodily labor, beginning the enterprise additionally required filling out a lot of paperwork.

”There used to be a lot extra research and varieties and planning than we had ever imagined,” Hallie said. That blanketed acquiring a license from the kingdom to function the business, discovering an ice cream distributor and figuring out how to maintain the product cold.

But by using late spring, the sisters and their cousin had the pontoon equipped and the forms in order. On June 6, Ice Cream Island was once launched.

Ice Cream Island’s proprietors maintain the pontoon at Oak Cove Resort and Marine on Maple Lake, the place they put the watercraft in the water, then force to areas round the lake. Once at their preferred location, they drop anchor and begin selling. The three proprietors get assist with the commercial enterprise from their buddy Tyra Burke, of Fertile, who assists them with income and marketing.

Besides promoting ice cream from Maple Lake docks, Ice Cream Island now and again makes deliveries to boats on the lake and hosts events, such as household reunions.

”We promote all exceptional treats from ice cream sandwiches to sundaes,” Mya said. Ice Cream Island additionally sells freeze-dried ice cream and ice cream tubes; product flavors vary, from cookie dough to strawberry shortcake to Jolly Rancher candies.

Ice Cream Island has had a profitable first summer. Next year, Hallie, Brooklyn and Mya sketch to enlarge their ice cream menu and promote merchandise with their brand on it.

”We have met so many wonderful humans this summer time and have some awesome, loyal clients that quit for ice cream each weekend,” Hallie said. “We work difficult to make coming to Ice Cream Island a exciting journey for everyone. The aid we have gotten has been so great.

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